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Inspiration Projects

Project / Programme Review

Comprehensive, independent review to provide assurance and recommend improvement to an in-flight project or programme to ensure its successful delivery or provide a recovery service to bring a failing venture back on track.

We provide a stepped approach to in-flight reviews as follows:

  • Initial, high level review of the fundamentals of the project or programme
  • Interim report, usually including recommendations of the areas that would benefit from a comprehensive review
  • Full assessment or detailed focus on target areas
  • Provision of an improvement plan (and if required, delivery of some or all of the improvement plan)

Why undertake an in-flight review with us?

  • The primary reason is to provide confidence to those investing in the project or programme that it is still valid and viable and that it is on track to deliver its goals.
  • Secondarily to, where possible, provide recommendations to improve the delivery of the remainder of the project / programme
  • Independence is desirable when doing these reviews as it delivers unbiased results and avoids any personal agendas

It is possible that the result of such a review concludes with the recommendation to close the project or programme in the best interests of the business see our case studies.

Another aspect of our review service is to put in place processes for an organisation so that it can perform its own reviews in future.