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Inspiration Projects

Project / Programme Initiation

Structured start-up, facilitated workshops, business case review for projects or programmes. This could include starting up projects or programmes within an existing established method or start up plus initiating an accompanying methodology change to best support the new project or programme. This second option is typicaly favoured by organisations who do not have an existing methodology or are embarking on a venture significantly larger than those run to date.

  • Structured Start-Up
  • Business Case Reviews
  • Communications Plan
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Risk Analysis / Workshops
  • Product Breakdown Structures
  • Work Package Definition
  • Project / Programme Structures

The benefits of using such a service include:

  • Using outsourced staff to start up projects and programmes allows you to get the endeavour up and running quickly allowing time to recruit the right project team
  • If the project or programme is found to be not viable during start up, the team can be quickly disbanded with no legacy cost to the organisation
  • This ensures the best possible start by using industry best practise from the beginning